I spent two weeks in Monrovia, Liberia working with Female Journalists Association of Liberia and Girls Making Media.
See my illustrated blog for the full story: http://salchas.tumblr.com/

Chain of Change (2006-2012)

With the staff of Beyondmedia Education, I facilitated antiviolence and media activism workshops with youth throughout the city of Chicago and the US. Media created in the workshops was presented in public screenings and uploaded to www.chainofchange.com

Your Social Life (2011)

A short film about the causes and consequences of cyber-bullying created in a workshop by the youth of Beyondmedia Education and Mikva Challenge; with a facilitator’s guide.

Link: http://www.mikvachallenge.org


Beyondmedia worked with the young women of Dreamcatcher, an organization founded by two formerly incarcerated women who have spent much of their lives involved in the sex trade, Stephanie Daniels-Wilson and Brenda Myers-Powell. Dreamcatcher works with teen girls living in Chicago's Englewood community who are at high risk for incarceration and sexual exploitation.

Link: http://thedreamcatcherfoundation.org/who-we-are/

HIV: Hey, It’s Viral! (2008)

Created with youth from Beyondmedia, About Face Youth Theatre, and Broadway Youth Center, this groundbreaking video uses a sex-positive and LGBTQ-inclusive educational approach to HIV/AIDS prevention as a practical alternative to abstinence-only education. The program has been adopted by Chicago Public Schools for use in 9th grade sex education and health classes; with an Educators' Workbook and a Youth Activist Guide.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/broadwayyouthcenter

Link: http://aboutfacetheatre.com/tag/about-face-youth-theatre/

Doin’ It: Sex, Disability and Videotape (2007)

The Empowered Fe Fes, young women with disabilities, show how cultural myths and realities surrounding sexuality affect them. “Doin’ It” was the third in a series of videos created in a multi-year partnership between Beyondmedia Education and the Empowered Fe Fes of Access Living

Link: https://www.accessliving.org/478

Turning a Corner (2006)

Created in a workshop with Prostitution Alternatives Round Table, this feature-length documentary tells the stories of a group of women involved in the sex trade and their efforts to raise awareness of systemic injustice and widespread violence. Told on the streets of Chicago where the women once worked. With Beyondmedia Education.

Link: http://www.chicagohomeless.org/programs-campaigns/advocacy-public-policy/part/

Produced by Beyondmedia Education with the Rogers Park Young Women's Action Team, the video asks young and adult men what a male ally looks like and what they can do to help stop violence against women and girls.

Link:  http://www.rogersparkywat.org

Can LGBTQ + School = Safe? (2005)

Chicago public school students show why and how to start a Gay-Straight Alliance as an activist solution to sexuality-based discrimination and anti-gay violence. With Beyondmedia Education.

Beyond Disability: The Fe Fe Stories (2004)

The first in a series of videos created in a multi-year partnership between Beyondmedia Education and Access Living. In “Beyond Disability,” the Empowered Fe Fes (slang for female), a group of young women with disabilities, hit the streets of Chicago on a quest to discover the difference between how they see themselves and how others see them.  (2004)

Link: https://www.accessliving.org/Empowered-Fe-Fes

A Fish Almost Eaten by a Shark (2003)

I met Zaida Sanabia in a workshop with Horizons youth and began supporting her in making a video to document the starting of a gay-straight alliance in her Chicago high school. Her persistent vision survived threats of expulsion from the administration and more. The resulting video, which paints a tough picture of school and family life for LGBTQ youth, won her prizes and accolades and a place in the Chicago Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame.


Our View from the Red Line (2002)

Beyondmedia partnered with the youth of Family Matters in Rogers Park to tell the little-known story of their North-of-Howard community. 

Link: http://www.familymatterschicago.org

I went as the media educator with a group of college youth, their professor, a tour guide/language instructor, and a bunch of cameras to document stories and experiences in the Amazon and Rio.

Link: http://www.encompassbrazil.com

What We Leave Behind (2000)

Women’s International Information Project (WIIP) partnered with Chicago Legal Advocacy for Incarcerated Mothers (CLAIM) and the women of Grace House to create this video about women’s incarceration and its impact on their children. With Beyondmedia Education.

Link: http://slministries.org/gh/

FOMMA is a Mayan women's playwright cooperative in Chiapas, Mexico, formed in 1994. Women’s International Information Project (WIIP) raised funds to buy video equipment, teach the women how to use it, and make a short piece about their work in bilingual literacy, women’s rights, and professional development. 

Link: http://fomma-chiapas.org 

Women’s International Information Project (WIIP) went to the Dominican Republic to participate in the 8th iteration of this incredible gathering of women from throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. We held guerilla-style media workshops and equipped women to document the conference, make short videos, and do live-stream programs covering events and conversations among attendees. (1999)

Link: http://www.13eflac.org

Looking at Teen Motherhood (1990)

As a dissertation project, I facilitated a yearlong workshop with pregnant and parenting teens in Evanston IL.  As a culminating project, participants created a video to examine cultural stereotypes of early fertility.