Code of the Freaks (in progress)  

This movie about movies is a darkly humorous critique of Hollywood representations of disability, told from the perspectives of disabled artists, writers, and cultural critics. With Susan Nussbaum, Carrie Sandahl, and Aly Patsavas.



present absence (ongoing)

Present Absence is a five-channel installation that makes visible the lives of people killed by Chicago Police or in police custody. Generated from intimate long-form interviews with the family members of those killed, it shows the impacts of these murders on families and communities. With Meredith Zielke.

Brink of Survival (2013)

Brink of Survival is a feature-length documentary shot on location in rural Malawi. The film takes viewers inside a tiny hospital that struggles to serve over 120,000 people, all nearly free of charge, with just one doctor. With Martha Sommers, Jesse Wheeler, Jerzy Rose, and Andrea Bunch. 

We Are Here To Build The House (2014-15)

This installation creates a domestic fantasy world of experimental video, fiber art, and the performance of cooperative weaving. It premiered at the Bridgeport Art Center as part of the multimedia performance, From Here To There, from NON Opera. With Lauren La Rose.